It is a hot topic nowadays. Marketing should come in touch with people on social media

It is no longer enough that you just create content and target users. To be successful, you need to get their attention and engage them on your message.

Facebook is one of the main channels where people go to interact with brands and advertisers, but there are many sections where brands are not able to reach out to their target audience because they don’t know how.

Some people think that marketing online is an art. It is not, because it’s about finding out what people want and how to make them get it. On the other hand, marketing online is nothing but a science. Companies who are good at making their customers happy with the products they sell and social media users who connect with businesses via their channels of communication can be successful in this business as well.

In this section we will be introducing you to some of the most popular online marketing software like WidgetBite, DripOptimiser and ServifyX which are used by marketers around the world to analyze and optimize any type of website: blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts etc.

According to the article below, „the marketers have begun a shift towards using technology to drive people’s behavior and intentions ahead of time in order to influence buying decisions”.

The article comes from the marketer Q Gatherer and describes a company that is making use of AI writing assistants in order to reach all kinds of target audiences.

Here are some example, first marketing campaigns done by Q Gatherer.

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